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Credit/Debit & E-Checks


Our absolute main objective is helping companies accept payments via credit and debit cards securely at the lowest rates. With our different pricing structures (hyperlink), we ensure that every business gets a tailor-made solution for their business.


ClearView can help establish the ability to accept payments electronically with ACH/E-Check.

Ask About Our ACH Payout Feature

  • No contract or early termination fee, ever.
  • No annual rate increases.
  • Local customer service representative who you can reach via cell phone, always.
  • PCI Compliance, always.
  • Fair and affordable pricing from day one, not after you complain about your fees.
  • Next Day Availability of funds.

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Our mission is to cultivate life-long relationships with our customers, employees, and partners by delivering extraordinary service and value everyday. The growth of your business is our purpose.

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