Reverse My Fees

Empowering Businesses with Fee-Free Transactions

Revolutionizing Payment Processing

Cutting-edge Technology and Legislation

Thanks to recent advancements in technology and new legislation, ClearView has developed the innovative Reverse My Fees program. With this flagship program, our clients no longer bear the burden of credit card processing fees.

Direct Cost Passing

Through our seamless integration with industry-leading technology companies, we have implemented a system that directly passes the processing cost to the consumer at the point of sale. This groundbreaking approach has saved our clients significant sums, with some businesses benefiting from annual savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Embracing the Future

As industry trends continue to shift in this direction, ClearView remains at the forefront, leading the way towards a fee-free payment ecosystem.

Transparent and Client-Focused Approach

Client Education

At ClearView, we prioritize empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their payment solutions. We provide comprehensive education on various options available in the payment industry, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the landscape confidently.

Two Flexible Pricing Structures

We offer two distinct pricing structure options to cater to the unique needs of your business: the Reverse My Fees model and the Traditional Model. You have the flexibility to switch between these models seamlessly, ensuring that you always have the plan that best suits your requirements.

Trustworthy Partnerships

ClearView has cultivated strong partnerships with industry-leading technology companies, ensuring that our clients benefit from reliable and secure payment solutions. We prioritize building trust with our partners, allowing us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Exceptional Savings with the Traditional Model

Cost Savings up to 30%

If the Reverse My Fees program is not the right fit for your business, we offer the Traditional Model, which can still provide substantial savings of up to 30% on your fees. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your processing statements to identify hidden fees and overcharges, guaranteeing cost reductions.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

We believe in providing transparent pricing from the beginning, ensuring that there are no surprises or hidden fees. With ClearView, you can trust that you are receiving fair and competitive pricing for your payment processing needs.

Choose ClearView's Reverse My Fees program and experience a truly fee-free payment processing solution. Benefit from our cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and transparent pricing models. Join the growing number of businesses who have unlocked significant savings and enhanced their bottom line. If the Reverse My Fees program doesn't align with your needs, explore our Traditional Model and discover substantial savings of up to 30%. Contact us today to embark on a transformative payment journey with ClearView Merchant Consulting.

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