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Thanks to recent technology, and new legislation; we have developed our Reverse My Fees program where our clients no longer must pay for credit card processing fees.

This is done by directly passing the processing cost on to the consumer at the point of sale, and thanks to our strong partnerships with industry leading technology companies we have saved some of our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. We observe the industry moving further this way every day that goes by.

At ClearView, we believe in making it easy for our clients to choose the best plan for their business. This involves educating our clients about the different options in the payment industry, and about verbiage to look out for.

We always provide two pricing structure options for our merchants, that can be easily switched between at any time: the Reverse My Fees model, and the Traditional Model.

If reverse my fees is not the right program for you, you may like our Traditional Model where we could save you up to 30% on your fees.

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