Traditional Model

For our clientele that are not yet ready for the Reverse Program, we have got a more traditional model, where you would be able to still pay for the fee, but at a cheaper cost than what you are used to.

We always have, and always will guarantee to meet or beat current price.


With careful analysis of previous processing statements, we find the hidden fees and overcharges and have a pattern of beating our industry competitors by offering 10-20% less in monthly cost.

While most of our competitors have paid partnerships in place with the industry software providers, and thus become more costly for the merchant as more parties need to be paid:

ClearView has opted to refrain from such partnerships to rather offer our clients to save the money that would have gotten to the software vendors in such a scenario.

This allows us to provide you with fair and affordable pricing from day one.

If you are tired of paying for your credit card fees, our Reverse My Fees model might be the best fit for you!

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